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If you live in the US, you’re in luck, because there are seduction lairs in almost every major city across the country. Below you can find a list of all the PUA lairs in the US, so that you can find a group of guys to go out with, no matter what state you’re in.

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Arizona PUA Lair

This lair was started in July 2004 by Cramias (now called Mojo) and JDOG. We initially wanted to build a PUA community in Arizona to improve our skills, have training resources, and especially encourage people in Arizona to actually get involved and wing together. As of January 2010 we have almost 20,000 posts and thousands of members. There is a wing contact list for Verified Arizonan\’s only, and we have frequent events and lair meetings where many people now wing together.

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Casanova Crew

The Official Southern California lair with monthly seminars with names like Tyler Durden, Lovedrop, AFC Adam Lyons, Speer, El Topo, Savoy and dozens more. Free weekly meetings and outings. The most active lair in the world with over 2000 hardcore members.

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Connecticut Lair

A Networking and Seduction Fraternity serving Springfield, Hartford, New Haven, and SoNo areas. Only requirement is active attendance and participation.

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Dallas PUA

A local lair in Dallas, TX, this site contains the forum that supports the local community.

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Denver PUA

Denver PUA is website dedicated to the PUAs in the Denver, CO area. The site has a forum for its local members and also a blog on recent PUA events.

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Las Vegas Lair

Las Vegas’ original and only lair. Established 2004.

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This is a second SF Lair started by old members of the original forums. Due to lifelong bans and an overall feeling that the original lair’s rules were overly regulated, ex members created a second forum for the San Francisco lair members.

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The Connecticut Brotherhood

The CT Brotherhood is the original Connecticut lair (2003), which makes it the largest Lair in Connecticut, with many experienced members. The CT Brotherhood seeks to break the lair mold, and serves as a “brotherhood” where it is not all about pickup and girls. We are a social fraternity designed to create friendships within the group and promote advanced self improvement. To put this plainly- we are more than wingmen, we are friends.

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The San Francisco Lair

This is the San Francisco Lair: a local members only lair dedicated to brining the PUAs of the Bay area close together. The site features a blog with dating advice and public events, as well as a private discussion forum.

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The Seattle Lair

The Active Pick-up and Seduction Community in Seattle, WA. Find wingmen, learn and share your game.

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The Tennessee Lair

The new home of the Nashville and Tennessee seduction lairs.