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    Venusian Skills Site Profile

    Posted by alphawolf On October - 13 - 2010

    Venusian Skills Blog

    Site Name: Venusian Skills


    Our Review:

    Venusian Skills is one of those seduction sites that’s been around forever, but they’ve recently given the site a facelift, making it one of the slickest looking pickup blogs out there. The site has hundreds of articles related to dating and pickup that they’ve published over the years, and many are written by top PUA gurus such as Vin Di Carlo and Brad P.

    The great thing about the site is the sheer amount of content on the site, and the quality of it. There are hundreds of different pickup sites out there these days (just look at some of the sites in our directory!), but the quality of the articles on Venusian Skills is consistently above the rest. The articles are conveniently organized in categories such as “Attraction”, “Intimacy and Sex”, and “Online Dating”, and they also have a search function for when you know exactly what you’re looking for.

    In addition to the articles, Venusian Skills also features a good sized collection of handpicked videos from various PUA gurus, which is great, because a lot of pickup related concepts are hard to convey through text only. Venusian Skills also features a directory of PUA sites, although many of the links in the directory are outdated.

    The bottom line is that Venusian Skills is a great site to go to if you’re looking for quality articles about pretty much anything related to pickup. This is one site you’ll want to bookmark and add to your RSS reader. Site Profile

    Posted by alphawolf On March - 28 - 2010 Site Profile

    Site Name:


    Our Review: is exactly what is about exactly what the name of the site suggests– day game, or approaching girls during the daytime. The site is put together by Andy Yosha, Yad, and Mark Mowgli, three top instructors from the PUA Training company, and they offer tons of great advice on succeeding at day game.

    One of the best features about the site are the videos. Through the videos, the instructors go into great detail of every aspect of day game, from how to walk and how to carry yourself, to how to actually approach the girl.

    The videos go over every possible scenario, such as if a girl is engaged in a conversation, or has her iPod on, and breaks down every step of the interaction from before the approach to going for the close. The site even has in-field videos, where you get to watch the instructors demonstrate what they teach on real girls.

    In addition to the great selection of videos, also features a blog where the PUA Training instructors go into even more detail about how to succeed at day game, as well as general pickup and lifestyle development advice. And if that’s not enough, the site also features a podcast, where the crew interview other top PUA gurus and talk shop about day game.

    One really cool feature of is their online comic book, Dogs Chasing Cars, which explains some of the key concepts of game through easy-to-follow illustrations. It’s a unique and very visual way to present lessons in social dynamics, and is sure to appeal to guys who grew up reading comic books. is a relatively new pickup site, but it’s already brimming with great content and looks to be one of the best online resources for helping to improve your game.

    Approach Site Profile

    Posted by alphawolf On March - 28 - 2010

    Approach Anxiety Site Profile

    Site Name: Approach


    Our Review:

    One of the key things that separates pickup advice from general self-help and dating advice, is the art of the cold approach. Being a pick up artist is all about being able to approach beautiful women anywhere and anytime, whether it’s at a bar or a club, or at the local grocery store.

    Of course, approaching attractive women you’ve never met before is one of the the toughest things to do. It’s probably right up there with public speaking as one of the things that people fear more than death. Pickup artists have a special term for this fear of approaching women: Approach Anxiety.

    Approach is a site designed to help men overcome this hurdle. Written by approach anxiety expert and pickup instructor Eric Disco, Approach takes an honest and in-depth look at approach anxiety, and ways to overcome it. Through his blog, Eric shares his advice and tips on building up confidence and how to help dissipate the fear of approaching women, and even how to use it to your advantage.

    Each of the posts on Approach is wonderfully crafted, with images of beautiful women and writing that is simple, clear, and concise. Many of the posts take the forms of field reports, and readers get to step into the mind of an experienced pick up artist, as he confronts approach anxiety of his own, and how he overcomes it.

    In addition to the blog, Approach also features the occasional audio podcast with top PUA experts such as Cory Skyy, Carlos Xuma, and Lance Mason, who share their perspectives on how to overcome approach anxiety and building a successful dating life. The site also features a forum, where guys can share their challenges and advice, as well as ask questions to Eric.

    Approach anxiety is something that all of us grapple with at some point in our lives, and Approach is the best online resource for finding ways to overcome it.

    RSD Nation Site Profile

    Posted by alphawolf On March - 28 - 2010

    RSD Nation Site Profile

    Site Name: RSD Nation


    Our Review:

    Real Social Dynamics, headed by Papa and Tyler Durden, is one of the first pickup companies in the world, and they also happen to have one of the best pickup-related sites around. Their community site, RSD Nation (which was re-launched in 2009), is not only one of the better looking PUA sites out there, but also has one of the most active communities as well.

    Let’s start with their forum. There are dozens of PUA forums out there, but the RSD Nation Forum is without a doubt one of the most active. The forum has over 24,000 members, which puts it in the mid-range of seduction forums in terms of size, but what’s impressive is the amount of activity on the forum. You can login at any time and expect to find anywhere from a few hundred to a thousand members logged in at once, an activity level that’s unmatched by other forums.

    Part of why the forum is so successful is because all of the RSD instructors regularly participate in it. There are many PUA forums out there where instructors don’t post often or at all, but at the RSD Nation Forum you can expect to see guys like Tyler, Jeffy, and Tim posting regularly and responding to your questions. This has helped to create a very tight-knit community, and resulted in one of the most active and respected PUA forums out there.

    In addition to the forum, the RSD Nation site also features a very active blog, where the guys from RSD post some great articles on getting better with women and improving your life. Again, the level of instructor involvement is unmatched, with all of RSD’s nearly dozen instructors posting quality articles on the blog, sharing their unique ideas and perspectives.

    Another neat feature about the RSD Nation site is that users can create their own blogs as well, and many members use the feature to post their field reports and chart their own progress on the way to improving their game.

    One of the best ways to improve your game is to find a community of like-minded guys who can help to motivate you and to help you out and answer your questions when you become stuck, and RSD Nation is one of the greatest seduction community sites you will find online.

    Kinowear Site Profile

    Posted by alphawolf On January - 29 - 2010

    Kinowear Site Profile

    Site Name: Kinowear


    Our Review:

    One of the qualities of an attractive man is having a good sense of style. Enter Kinowear.

    Created by Jae, the founder of Kino Image Consulting, Kinowear distills Jae’s knowledge of style and fashion to teach you how to dress attractively.

    Kinowear does a really good job at giving practical style advice that anyone can follow, even the completely fashion clueless, explaining in great detail basic sartorial lessons such as how to tie a tie and pick the right socks to wear, and more advanced concepts such as finding the perfect suit and how to color coordinate your clothing.

    Kinowear also goes into the theory behind style and fashion, explaining why style is so important, and what guys need to consider when putting together a wardrobe and creating a look for themselves. Kinowear will open your eyes to a new world of fashion, so that you will literally see the world differently after reading this blog.

    In addition to these general style tips, Kinowear also has a column called “Look Books”, where Jae analyzes a great looking outfit, and breaks down what it is that makes the look so attractive, as well as identifying each of the individual pieces that make up the outfit, so that readers can put them together themselves.

    Beyond just providing fashion advice, Kinowear is unique among style blogs in that it delves into lifestyle development and how to become a confident, passionate man. Jae recognizes that no matter how attractive the clothes, no outfit is going to look great unless its being worn by an attractive man. Jae goes over some deep topics related to self-development, so that you can be attractive on both the outside and the inside.

    The Kinowear blog has not been updated in many months, but the archives are worth their weight in gold. If you’re at all concerned with style (and you should be), Kinowear is the best site that will help you develop the style that will make her look twice.

    PUA Lingo Site Profile

    Posted by alphawolf On January - 29 - 2010

    PUA Lingo Site Profile

    Site Name: PUA Lingo


    Our Review:

    PUA Lingo is a site that’s near and dear to our hearts. PUA Lingo is a pickup terminology site that AlphaWolf and I put together, and in our completely biased opinion, it’s a great resource for anyone that’s getting into the game.

    One of the thing that’s apparent about the seduction community is that there’s a lot of jargon and acronyms. Words like “AMOG” and “sarging”, “LMR” and “3 second rule”. For newbies, and even experienced PUAs, it’s easy to get lost among all the confusing terminology that’s thrown around on all the various PUA forums and blogs.

    PUA Lingo provides a solution to that, by serving as a comprehensive dictionary for everything pickup related. The site has 500 PUA definitions and acronyms defined, so that you can easily find out what a word or acronym means, and find dozens of new ones, even obscure terms like BHHR or Mayor Walking.

    In addition to just definitions, PUA Lingo also provides a handy list of some of the most commonly used PUA routines and PUA openers, as well as profiles of the top PUA schools and instructors in the industry, and even features product reviews. All this great content makes PUA Lingo more than just a dictionary– it’s an encyclopedia of the PUA community.

    As one of the most comprehensive pickup-related resources, PUA Lingo is definitely a site you’re going to want to bookmark so that you can refer to again and again along your journey through the seduction community.

    Pickup Podcast Site Profile

    Posted by alphawolf On January - 29 - 2010

    Pickup Podcast Site Profile

    Site Name: Pickup Podcast


    Our Review:

    The Pickup Podcast is one of the best, FREE pickup & lifestyle development resources available online. Featuring a podcast, blog, and forum, the site has something for everyone.

    Let’s start with the podcast. The Pickup Podcast has been running for over 3 years now, with over 100 episodes featuring interviews with some of the top pickup instructors in the industry– guys like Style, Ross Jeffries, Wayne Elise, Lance Mason, and Savoy. With the Pickup Podcast, you can learn from some of the best pick up artists in the world, and also be exposed to the ideas of all the different schools of thought within the seduction community.

    In addition to the interviews, the Pickup Podcast features episodes known as “The Toolbox”. The Toolbox episodes break down how to develop the core concepts of pickup, such as opening, building rapport, and having strong body language. This is the kind of content that many pickup companies charge hundreds of dollars for– and it’s all available for free through the Pickup Podcast. No wonder the podcast has thousands of subscribers from around the world.

    In addition to the podcast, the Pickup Podcast site also features a great blog that provides even more pickup related info. The blog isn’t updated too frequently, but features some of the top instructors in the industry, as well as instructors from The Art of Charm, a pickup and lifestyle company founded by the creators of the Pickup Podcast.

    Finally, the Pickup Podcast site also has a forum where guys can get together and help each other improve their game and their lives, as well as get questions answered by the Pickup Podcast team. The forum is on the small side, but this actually works in your favor because it creates a tight knit community of people eager to help each other grow. If you’re interested in developing natural game and creating an attractive lifestyle, the Pickup Podcast forum is one of the best out there.

    With all this great content and value, the Pickup Podcast is a must visit site, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced PUA. The SeductionList heartily recommends the Pickup Podcast as one of our Editor’s Picks.

    Top 5 Top 10 PUA Lists

    Posted by alphawolf On January - 17 - 2010

    When it comes to gossip, girls usually have guys beat hands down, but even the seduction community enjoys a bit of dick crack from time to time, especially at the end of the year when guys are feeling nostalgic, and the big PUA instructors feel the need to swing their dicks around.

    Usually, this results in someone coming out with a “Top 10 PUAs” list, but this year there were so many lists that it was almost impossible to keep track of! Here are the top 10 PUA lists from 2009-2011, for your convenience and reading pleasure:

    Top 10 Lists for 2013:

    Top 12 PUAs of 3013

    1. AlphaWolf (Vince Lin) round up the top PUAs that would have changed the seduction “timeline” again in 2013 here.

    Top 10 Lists for 2012:

    Top 10 PUAs of 2012

    1. PUA Lingo’s annual roundup, with 2012’s list featuring a lot of the “coaches to dedicate to students and their craft” by AlphaWolf.

    Top 10 Lists for 2011:

    1. Top 10 PUAs of 2011
      PUA Lingo’s annual roundup, with 2011’s list featuring a lot of the “rising stars” of the pickup world, as opposed to some of the bigger names. Also includes great caricatures of all the nominees.
    2. 2011 Top Pick Up Artists
      A listing of the top international pick up artists and PUA gurus from
    3. Pick Up Artist Forums Top 10
      A discussion on the pick-up-artist forum about the top 10 PUAs of the year, as well as some controversy as to whether the question even makes sense.

    Here is the list for 2010:

    1. Top 10 PUAs of 2010
      PUA Lingo joins the top 10 game this year, with their list of top pick up artists based on reader submissions. The unique thing about their list is that they actually hired an artist to draw caricatures of each of the PUAs! Good stuff.
    2. Top 10 Pua’s of 2010
      TSB Magazine continues their tradition of putting together top notch lists this year, with this survey of the seduction community that recognizes some of the best guys in the game.

    Lists from 2009:

    1. Thundercat’s Top 10 Pick Up Artists List
      When it comes to PUA lists, Thundercat is probably the guy that’s been at it the longest, with lists going back as far as 2003. He hasn’t been slouching this year either, with a top 10 list that’s a good mix of both new and old faces.
    2. TSB Magazine’s Top 10 PUAs
      TSB Magazine, one of the longest running pickup-related online magazines has also jumped onto the list bandwagon, with their list of top 10 PUAs, as voted for by their readers and editors. This year’s favorite is John Sinn, which brings us to…
    3. Sinn’s Top 10 PUAs of 2009
      Not content with being named the best PUA of 2009, Sinn (who we interviewed here) has come out with his own list of pickup artists who feel deserve his recognition.
    4. Seduction Tuition’s Best PUAs List
      Seduction Tuition, another long running PUA site has come out with their own top PUAs list. This list sticks to the tried and true, with a list of familiar pick up artists who’ve been around for a long time.
    5. Top 7 Charlatans, Freaks, and Weirdos of 2009
      Not a top 10 list per se, but still entertaining. The list is also put together by the ever outspoken Sinn, where he calls out 7 pickup and dating instructors who he doesn’t think are up to snuff.


    Audio Interview Series: Sinn

    Posted by alphawolf On November - 25 - 2009

    Jon Sinn
    This week for our podcast we had the privilege of interviewing Jon Sinn, a well known pickup artist in the community. The full audio is quite long, so I have written up an excerpt of the gems that I got from our conversation. To find out more, click on the audio podcast below.

    What you can learn from this interview:

    • The origins of Sinn and his development of his game
    • Sinn’s experience with the colorful characters from the original Mystery Method company and what he learned from Mystery, Savoy and the others
    • The different levels of looks and how it affects your game: 1. Its hurting your chances (300 lb fat guy); 2.Slightly negative (office drone avatar); 3. Neutral (nothing bad, but nothing good either); 4. Slightly positive (Sinn); 5. Auto attraction based on looks (model)
    • There is no “perfect game“, but there is consistency and a system that works
    • Finding your “voice” in the world. “All the great guys, PUAs and naturals alike, some found their core identity and the person inside that they want to express to the world” (This was deep for me)
    • How to avoid bad stuff and advice out there in the market: refunds, delivery in field, and long term coaching
    • Finding a hot girl versus finding a hot girl who has innately compatible personalities with you
    • What he’s working on now…products on Managing Flakes, Natural Game, and a guide on the most efficient way to just get laid (if that is what you are looking for)

    Click player for interview:

    Or download the interview here.

    PUA Twitter List

    Posted by alphawolf On November - 2 - 2009

    twitter_birdIf you’re as a big a fan of Twitter as I am, you’ll know that they recently came out with a new feature that allows you to create organized lists of followers, dubbed “Twitter Lists”. I’ve been having a lot of fun playing around with this feature, and I decided to create a list of the top pickup and seduction accounts to follow on Twitter.

    You can find the list on the Listorius directory here:

    or directly on Twitter:

    Of course, here at SeductionList we have a list of nearly 100 PUA Twitter accounts, but for the Twitter list I tried it to keep it to just a handful of the best Twitter users to follow.

    The list includes Twitter account of some of the top PUAs in the industry, from Neil Strauss and Ross Jeffries, to David Deangelo and Wayne Elise, as well as helpful resources like Kinowear and PUA Lingo. Check the list out, and post in the comments if you have any suggestions for any PUAs who didn’t make the cut.

    Audio Interview Series: GK (Charisma Arts)

    Posted by alphawolf On September - 2 - 2009
    GK Charisma Arts

    This week in our podcast we interview Greg, aka GK from Charisma Arts. GK really breaks down the natural and conversational approach that Charisma Arts teaches, and offers some great advice for guys looking to improve their skills with women.

    Here are just a few of the topics we go over in our interview:

    • How GK went from a 25 year-old virgin to a pickup instructor
    • How to talk about yourself in a relatable way
    • How to let a girl know you’re interested in her
    • The importance of knowing how to touch a girl
    • How to find out the most important logistics
    • Common mistakes that newbies make
    • The difference between day game and night game
    • How to act sexual without coming across as creepy
    • Great style and fashion advice

    And more!

    Just click the player below to listen to the interview:

    You can also directly download the interview here.

    Be sure to check out GK’s website GK Shares Game for more podcasts and dating advice, or swing by the Charisma Arts website to sign up for a bootcamp with GK.

    Audio Interview Series: Dan (The Charming Geek)

    Posted by alphawolf On August - 17 - 2009
    The Charming Geek Logo

    This week for our podcast we interview Dan McDonley, aka The Charming Geek, who shares his advice on pickup, dating, and conversation skills. Dan is a long time dating coach, who was once a head instructor for Charisma Arts, and has now started his own company focused on long-term coaching and permanent results.

    Here are some of the subjects we cover in the interview:

    • How to speed up your learning process through coaching and accountability
    • How to build a cycle of success that will get you quicker results
    • How to have engaging conversations
    • What to do when a conversation stalls
    • How to build rock-solid confidence
    • Killer advice for beginners and guys just getting into the game
    • Fashion tips for looking your best and standing out from the crowd
    • Why looks don’t matter in pickup

    …And more!

    You can listen to the interview here:

    Or download the full interview here.

    Be sure to visit Dan’s website ( as well as his blog for even more great advice!

    Audio Interiew Series: DJ Fuji (Tao of Fuji)

    Posted by alphawolf On August - 10 - 2009


    I was lucky enough to get in touch with DJ Fuji of Tao of Fuji. Fuji is a former Mehow instructor and currently keeps a blog at Tao of Fuji. We discussed so many things in the session, and I am very excited to bring this interview to you guys. Fuji and I talked about:

    • DJ Fuji’s journey into the seduction community
    • Discipline and the time it takes to develop game
    • What routines really mean: the principal behind the routines need to be understood otherwise routines by themselves are useless
    • How does being good looking affect game? (This was my favorite part)
    • How does being rich affect game?
    • How does being Asian in the US affect game?
    • How does plastic surgery fit into game?
    • What is long term coaching and how does it work?
    • What sets Tao of Fuji apart from other pickup companies?
    • The coolest thing for me, was his breakdown of how society has the 80-20 rule for pickup and how society does not want us to date out of our league
    • I also enjoyed greatly Fuji’s perspective on whether the seduction community will always remain underground, or will eventually go mainstream

    This is a great interview packed with value. Listen to the full interview to learn about DJ Fuji’s thought process and his road to success as an Asian PUA.

    Audio Interview Series: Troy Dizon of Troy Dizon Dating (TDD)

    Posted by alphawolf On August - 2 - 2009

    troy dizon dating tdd

    We had the pleasure of interviewing Troy from Troy Dizon Dating today. Troy is a natural who later discovered that what he and his buddies did was based on a set of tactics and rules that was developing as the “seduction community”. He has since helped hundreds of clients develop a strong natural style of game in his bootcamps and private instruction sessions (PIs). In this audio podcast, we discuss:

    • Troy’s journey into the seduction community
    • How long did it takes for someone to get good
    • Troy tell us about some of your best clients and how they have improved
    • Troy’s favorite seduction-related websites
    • Short term game vs. long term commitment / lifestyle
    • What sets TDD apart from other pickup companies?
    • Vibe control, following the energy
    • What is “pure night”?
    • How is being an Asian coach different in the US?
    • What’s next for TDD and the TDD Forums

    Listen to the interview:

    or Download the MP3

    First Post!

    Posted by alphawolf On July - 11 - 2009

    Welcome everyone to the SeductionList Blog! The SeductionList is an idea that AlphaWolf and I have been kicking around for quite a while now, so it’s exciting to finally bring this project out into the light.

    So what is the SeductionList? In short, the SeductionList aims to be the largest directory of PUA and seduction related sites on the internet.

    Read the rest of this entry »

    About the Site:

    The SeductionList is the largest directory of pickup related sites, blogs, and links on the internet. Be sure to stop by our blog for the latest news on the best pua websites, and feel free to submit a site if you find one that's missing from our directory.

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