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Venusian Skills Site Profile

Posted by alphawolf in Blog

Venusian Skills Blog

Site Name: Venusian Skills


Our Review:

Venusian Skills is one of those seduction sites that’s been around forever, but they’ve recently given the site a facelift, making it one of the slickest looking pickup blogs out there. The site has hundreds of articles related to dating and pickup that they’ve published over the years, and many are written by top PUA gurus such as Vin Di Carlo and Brad P.

The great thing about the site is the sheer amount of content on the site, and the quality of it. There are hundreds of different pickup sites out there these days (just look at some of the sites in our directory!), but the quality of the articles on Venusian Skills is consistently above the rest. The articles are conveniently organized in categories such as “Attraction”, “Intimacy and Sex”, and “Online Dating”, and they also have a search function for when you know exactly what you’re looking for.

In addition to the articles, Venusian Skills also features a good sized collection of handpicked videos from various PUA gurus, which is great, because a lot of pickup related concepts are hard to convey through text only. Venusian Skills also features a directory of PUA sites, although many of the links in the directory are outdated.

The bottom line is that Venusian Skills is a great site to go to if you’re looking for quality articles about pretty much anything related to pickup. This is one site you’ll want to bookmark and add to your RSS reader.

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